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Last Updated: Monday, February 4, 2019

Join the Urban Family Community

There are many ways to join Urban Family’s community of listeners. Pick one or all of the interactive ways below to stay connected and help us spread the message of Christ to our community and beyond. We invite you to join this movement of truth, wisdom and empowerment.


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Urban Family is mobilizing across the United States and we need your help. Consider joining the Urban Family Street Team. This team is a vibrant, dedicated group of individuals who don’t mind hitting the streets and sharing the message of truth, wisdom and empowerment. We’re looking for volunteer leaders to help get the word out about Urban Family calls to action and upcoming events. Members of the street team will even organize community events in their area which Urban Family will help facilitate. Our radio personalities are gearing up for an invitation to come to your neighborhood. If you, your business, or your church would like to join Urban Family’s street team, simply complete the form here.

Join the conversation in real-time! If you join The Churban, you can chat with other listeners, chat with Urban Family radio hosts and respond to questions, topics and voice your opinion while the show is live in progress. The Churban is a very popular feature on our website and it is one of the main ways that listeners communicate with each other on our website. Join the movement and become a “Churbanite”. We’ll see you in The Churban!

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