Last Updated: Monday, February 4, 2019
Wilbert Addison, Jr.

Wil Addison is a New Orleans native whose life service has included Nationally Appointed Home Missionary and Associate Pastor. He brings to UFC nearly 20 years of ministry experience. Wil currently serves as the Director of Urban Family Communications where he is responsible for the overall function and mission of the ministry. He also oversees the execution of UFC’s radio network, Urban Family Talk. Wil is the founder of the Biblically sound artists coalition, BSAC. Visit the site here:

Wil can be heard daily on Urban Family Talk alongside his wife, Meeke, as they host Airing the Addisons.

Meeke Addison
Director of Communications

Meeke is a radio personality with over 14 years of ministry experience. She and her husband Wil host “Airing the Addisons”, Urban Family Talk’s hit morning show. Catch it weekday mornings 6-9 central. Their talk show focuses on empowering and strengthening the family and urban community. Meeke is a speaker and pro-family activist who keeps a close eye on politics and pop culture. She and Wil have five children Moriah, Gabbi, JD, Nathaniel and Samuel-Witter.

Toni Johnson
On-air Host of Toni's Praise Party

Toni’s music career spans over 35 years. She is a gifted singer and musician. Some of her proudest moments in music have been opening for the likes of Rebecca St. James, Nicole C. Mullen and distinguished congressmen and senators. Since 1997 Toni has been a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With over 18 years of local and national radio experience, Toni brings a wealth of knowledge to Urban Family Talk where she can be heard each weekend on Urban Family Talk as host of Toni’s Praise Party, the best time of worship this side of Heaven!

Joseph Parker
Director of Intercessory Prayer

Joseph Parker is a pastor and leader in his community. He is the Director of Intercessory Prayer for Urban Family and a radio host. He hosts Hour of Intercession, a weekly radio show that focuses on topics of prayer and intercession in the family, home, community and body of Christ. He also hosts a weekend show, Focus on the Family. Focus on the Family is designed to teach and share very Biblical and practical truths that any and all families can take and put to work in their lives. A key goal of the program is to help both single persons and couples, married couples and families with children learn very simply how to put the Word of God to work in their lives.

Melonie Manning

Whether it’s news stories, blogs, or social media posts, Melonie is an editor who is always editing. She has been a part of the American Family Association since October 2009, just after graduating from Blue Mountain College and marrying Ray Manning. While at Blue Mountain, she served as editor of the college newspaper and interned as a reporter at the local paper, The Southern Sentinel. Though she always aspired to be a writer, she found her niche at AFA as associate editor for OneNewsNow, where she served full-time for three years before joining Urban Family as its website’s editor. Melonie and Ray have three children: Mason, Millie, and Ezra.

Lonnie Poindexter
Radio Host, D.C. Correspondent, Director of Urban Family Pastors Network

Lonnie Poindexter has over 25 years of successful management, sales and marketing experience, having worked with Silicon Valley startups and tech sector industry leaders in California.  As the DC Correspondent Lonnie covers current events in the nation’s capitol concerning public policy and the faith based community. Lonnie’s passion is the sanctity of life and fighting for the unborn. He collaborates with the nation’s foremost pro-life organizations in America.

Jeff McIntosh
Radio Producer

Jeff is the radio producer for Urban Family Talk. He also handles the archives of each show. He is a May 2016 graduate of the University of Mississippi, where he received his Bachelor's Degree in Broadcast Journalism

Victory McIntosh
Host of Jesus Jamz

Victory McIntosh is a woman who wears many hats but makes sure to take time out to serve others.  Whether it's through producing, keeping people informed of what's going on in the world, or engaging with listeners on her Jesus Jamz show, you will always find her being about her Father's business.  She studied Journalism at The University of Mississippi where she later left to study and graduate from the school of Evangelism at RHEMA Bible Training College in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Victory's motto is not going after a dream, but going after what God has called you to do.

Abraham Hamilton III
AFA General Counsel, Public Policy Analyst and Host of The Hamilton Corner

Abraham Hamilton, III is a husband, father of four wonderful children, lawyer, home-school dad, and a Bible Teacher. He now serves American Family Association as its General Counsel and Public Policy Analyst. Abraham also hosts “The Hamilton Corner” on Urban Family Talk. He has an undergraduate degree in New Testament Biblical Literature from Oral Roberts University and a Juris Doctor degree from Loyola University New Orleans College of Law. Abe is a member of the Louisiana State Bar Association, the Houston Bar Association, the Texas Bar Association, and the Federal Bar Association. He is licensed to practice before all Louisiana State Courts, the United States District Court for the Eastern, Middle, and Northern Districts of Louisiana, as well as all Texas State Courts. In the legal profession, Abe served as a criminal prosecutor. He handled major felony prosecutions at the trial level. Additionally, Abraham’s ministerial focuses include Marriage, Family, Apologetics, Biblical Worldview Training, Discipleship Formation, and Preaching. Abe also host The Hamilton Corner on Urban Family Talk 5pm cst.


Jason Tross
Radio Producer, Social Media manager

Jason born and raised in New Orleans brings a unique set of tools to the Urban Family. Jason produces the Stacy on the Right show and The Hamilton Corner. He also manages the Urban Family Social Media presence creating videos and making sure blogs are posted to the different social media outlets.